SOS Puerto Escondido: #SaveTheWave

SOS Puerto Escondido: #SaveTheWave

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While the world seemed to be isolated with empty streets and "closed beaches" in Puerto Escondido, an excessive tourist industry grew fiercely.

There are already 60,000 inhabitants and more than 2,000 daily tourists who daily cohabit the beaches of Puerto Escondido. A number that has grown exponentially in the last two years.

La Punta, Zicatela and Bacocho among other beaches began to look more like Puerto Vallarta, Playa del Carmen and Tulum than the coastal town it was before. Mega projects began to rise up and from there the #SalvemosLaOla movement of SOS Puerto Escondido was born.

SOS Puerto Escondido is a community of locals and tourists seeking an inclusive and sustainable future for the Oaxacan coast. Creating links between the local community, civil associations, the public and private sector and experts in areas such as oceanographers, biologists, urban planners, etc.

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#SalvemosLaOla was born as an initiative to care for and preserve the natural ecosystem of Puerto Escondido so that one of the best waves in the world continues to function (in addition to being a source of great tourist attraction).

How do buildings affect waves?

The buildings block the passage of the wind and the foundations near the beach compact the subsoil sand. Thus, constructions greater than 9 meters (more than 2 floors of construction are not allowed) and concrete structures near the beach are killing our waves.

Source: sospuerto

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What can we do?

There are a number of actions that can be carried out from home, such as signing the petition HERE you can also make donations to raise funds for outreach events organized by the community, public awareness campaigns, educational workshops, legal advice among others. You can donate HERE. You can also share and be aware of their publications on their social networks:

Instagram: @sospuerto

Facebook: SOS Puerto

And the most important! You can help by reporting to government entities. SOS Puerto has developed a guide to do it, we share it with you:

What can I do?

1. Document with location, date and time.

2. If you live in Puerto, report the case to the councilors of Health and Ecology. (Your delegate must provide you with the telephone number of the aldermen).
They have the obligation to bring the issue to the Municipal President and the State Government so that they in turn demand solutions from the CEA.
3. Put pressure directly on the CEA, they are responsible and in charge of providing solutions. CEA Oaxaca State Water Commission
4. Denounce Profepa with evidence. Here:
If you do not live in Puerto, help us with points 3 and 4.

Photographs and logo taken from the official Facebook of SOS Puerto.


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